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Modern psychology tells us that our character is pretty much defined early in our life. Many times it is painfully difficult to accept the fact that we are the prisoners of our own character, unable to better ourselves and overcome those early negative experiences and behaviors. Unfortunately, until we recognize this internal reality, it is almost impossible to become a mature, civilized, witty, generous and kind human being. Instead, some people blame others or the society as a whole, for their own shortcoming and failures. This attitude not only impairs individual potentialities but is reinforced by the mass media controlled by interest groups for their own financial and political gains i.e. POWER and DOMINATION. It is in this context of rationalizing and a deeper understanding of our world that this article was written. If you have never changed ideas by learning from historical facts instead of the half-truth or media clown farandole and delusions from the establishment media, these readings may not be suitable for you. Please kindly go back to any road to nowhere.

There are many urban idiocies like the Middle Age fable of Robin Hood robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. At the time circa XVI England was evolving from a Third World country status into a colossal empire, based on global trade, colonization, opium trade and later the industrial revolution. It was supported by the strongest navy fleet that managed to defeat the French Empire. England created the First Private Central Bank in 1698 to finance the imperial trade expansions and the French and Spanish wars. At the same time, England created a private club of big bankers and traders – today is known as the international banker cartel. This powerful aristocratic club consolidated and took over hundreds of small banks owned by the despised new riches that were emerging from centuries of peasantry and serfdom. So the Robin Hood idea was created to mislead people by shielding the aristocratic establishment that owned the land and controlled the creation of money through their omnipotent financial institutions. The crown, the barons, and some powerful cosmopolitan merchants, that abused these plebeians and send them to war for centuries, were not the villains, but the successful former serfs or le petit bourgeoisie that was threatening the unchallenged power of the establishment by achieving their financial independence through the expansion of the Real Economy by producing goods and services, and expanding their trade.

As people got smarter, better educated and more affluent with the industrial revolution, a more structured, subtle and appealing reasoning was required to continue misleading the plebeians. Thus the same European establishment that created the Robin Hood legend now created the class-struggle and capitalism fictions based on the first 20 years of the Industrial Revolution; they ignored the thousands of years of human struggles and the power of money to their days. They purposely ignored the fact that the European peasants, servants, serf, slaves – and even some nobility – have been suffering and rebelling for millenniums against tyrants and despotic monarchs. The creators of Robin Hood and Karl Marx et al – were once again shielding themselves but blaming le petit bourgeoisie. People must know that the Marx theory and all the subsets that followed were authored by people far from being plebeians and focused their pseudo studies on the first 20 years of the industrial revolution when thousands of peasant and serf were leaving the landlords to seek for better opportunities in the miserable urban areas. You can picture this scenario with today Latinos immigration to the USA, risking their lives, leaving behind their family, doing the menial job just for a fair opportunity that their Southern countries have been unable and unwilling to provide. Many immigrants succeeded others are still struggling, but the opportunities are still there because it is the constitution and republican system that guaranty these opportunities. Herr (Lord) Karl Marx was married to the daughter of one of the most powerful German family, Baron Ludwig von Westphalen and his brother in law, Baron Ferdinand von Westphalen, was the Interior Minister of Prussia. The indigent Karl Marx, as the urban legend goes, was also a relative of Nathan Rothschild, owner of the Central Bank of England. He was also the first cousin to Anton Frederik Philips, a banker at Zaltbommel, Netherland, and the founder of Royal Philips Electronics Consortium. Some still believe that Marx was a poor man, when in fact he was making the European establishment richer than ever with the European uprisings and sabotages against the new riches. Friedrich Engels was the son of a very wealthy trader and industrialist. Aristocrat Engels lived his life with an Irish commoner that worked in one of his factories in England but never married her; talking about social welfare.

After 170 years, Marx theories have never worked, although more than 120 million people have died for this delusional but more sophisticated fable, that has reached the academic level in many prestigious universities. Even Cuban President, Raul Castro, on April 4-2012 in his speech to the Congress of the Union of Communist Youths, addressed the need to break away from dogmas! This reminds me Democrat Robert McNamara saying that the Vietnam War was wrong after tens of thousands of people were killed, amputated for life and civilian lives ruined.

Definition: Theory, the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another. Abstract thought: speculation. A belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action. An ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances. A plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena <the wave theory of light>. A hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation. An unproved assumption: conjecture. A body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of a subject: <theory of equations>.Ref. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Subsequently to Marx, the Labour Party in England was created by the aristocratic establishment – Conservative Party – to limit the growing political power of the Liberal Party that was controlled and financed by the industrialist and the growing middle class i.e. the new riches and former peasants. The Labour Party to these days is dominated and indoctrinated by the establishment e.g. Fabian Society. Just look at Tony Blair’s cabinet and his slew of Lords, Baroness and Sirs appointees. Gordon Brown, his Chancellor of the Exchequer, sold off the Gold Reserve of England at $260/oz. causing billions of dollars to changed hands to the upper class baroness class so well protected by Marx. Ref. Origins of the Labour Party, Henry Pelling, Oxford 1965 (1).

The neomarxist school – Institut für Sozialforschung (Institute for Social Research) also known as Frankfurter Schule (Frankfurt School) – was created in 1928 to rescue the failing Marx theories. The working-class revolution of the industrialized Europe was not happening, as predicted by Marx. Obviously the industrial development was creating wealth, developing science and technologies and providing a much better standard of living for the working people than the middle age peasantry. Furthermore, Germany, the most advanced industrial nation, instead of brazing the international communist revolution it was going in the opposite direction i.e. a strong National Socialism with a growing industrialization, affluence and strong middle class after a devastating WW I. As Hitler was adamant against anything close to marxism, the neomarxist school moved to Geneva and then in 1935 to New York, the headquarter of the international banking cartel in US. The school was created by an independent group of Marxist intellectuals who sought, under the leadership of Felix Weil. They wanted to change the nauseating narrative against the industrialist as the facts probed them wrong! They wanted to make communism more palatable, especially after the slaughtering that was going on in the Soviet Union under a dogmatic and psychopath Stalin. But most famously they sought to marry up a combination of Marxist social analysis with Freudian psychoanalytical theories. They wanted to know the roots of what made people tick in modern consumer capitalist society as well as what made people turn to fascism in the 1930s. Now Barack Obama on April 2, 2013 become interested in neuroscience research to develop new tools and technologies to study human brains that could ultimately help researchers better understand human behavior and thought. The cover up: new ways to diagnose, treat and cure neurological and psychiatric diseases.

So many think tanks and banker philanthropic foundations mushroomed around the globe and particularly in the USA to destroy the Republican system. Among many others: The KKK created by Southern Democrats and today delusional Afro-American closed rank with Democrats. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations created by the Rockefeller foundation for advanced brainwashing research and media manipulation; the heir in line of this vast financial empire is John Davison Rockefeller IV, currently a senator for the Democratic Party in West Virginia (2).

More recently is George Soros, the new messianic and financier of the Democratic Party and leftist groups around the world with over $5 BILLION donations, through his “Soros Fund Management” and “Open Society Institute”. Like many other sociopaths that want to change the world to their own image and for their own self-interest – considers himself with some kind of divine mandate: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein.”(3). You may want to know that Baron John Maynard Keynes, debased the UK currency by moving away from the gold standard and was followed by the rest of the world. It was what the bankers wanted: the suspension of specie payments i.e. the convertibility of banknotes into gold.

Have you noticed that the European countries deeply affected by the crisis were mostly left-wing governments that sold out their citizens to the international banker cartel with the trillions in bailout? The straw men Tony Blair-Gordon Brown in Britain, Bill Clinton – (FDR-Kennedy-Bush belong to families of bankers) – Barack Obama in USA, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in Spain, Soares-Sampaio-Barrosso in Portugal and Papandreou dynasty in Greece. Only the Iceland people were able to let the international banker cartel go down with their scam thus saving their country and its people of ominous debt. Other European countries were doing reasonably well until they started bailing out the European pro-socialist nanny states. Now Germany, France, Finland and the Nordic countries are being infested by the international cartel gambling scam. Dr. John Coleman has research the international networking and written extensively. In his book “The Conspirator Hierarchy: The Committee of 300” (4) he exposes how the straw-men are used to run the infernal machine.

Today the main media establishment – e.g. ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NY Times and Hollywood enterprises – owned directly or indirectly by the International Banker Cartel, their agencies, proxy investment or associated interests – are all supporting Obama with their media bashing against Republicans using their Hollywood clowns and phony and dishonest journalists. This is the same dishonest media that kept the people in the dark, uninformed, misinformed and never told the American people of the coming financial crisis, the coordinated international banking scams of hundreds of trillion of dollar, the corruption of the political establishment that destroyed the USA and European middle class with over $40 trillion loses in their jobs, pensions, mutual fund investments, house value, small and large business gone or shrinking. The alternative media knew the crisis was coming for years, the Tea Party movement also knew it was coming even before, but all their efforts were suppressed and ridiculed by the establishment media. For instance in 2004- 2005 the S&P forecasted that the USA sovereign bonds will be downgraded and will become junk bond by 2015. However, after the crisis erupted, Michele Bachmann, a Republican Congresswoman alerted the American people of the dollar downgrade coming caused by the unsustainable debt growth with the bailouts. Immediately she became a victim of character assassination, a center of ridicule and scorn by the media establishment and their clowns. Furthermore, Obama administration accused the Tea Party movement of the downgrade in a most irresponsible and blatant lie. Now no one is talking that the downgrade will continue and USA Treasury Bonds will become “C” or junk bond i.e. highest risk of default. Founding Father George Washington provided a good advice for phony characters like this one: Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

The American and European people are now saddled for generations with larger taxation schemes to pay the scores of trillion to bail out the insolvent international banker cartel. But the creators of Robin Hood and Marxism now created scores of smoke and mirrors to cover the largest financial scam in human history. To prevent uprising and mesmerize the ripped off masses the international banker cartel selected an Afro-American Obama as the candidate in 2008 and 2012, an obscure community organizer or social agitator that was brought up to mainstream given his endless blank spot in his personal life i.e. he is a reliable straw-man by having a thin glass ceiling. He was portrayed as the social healer, a messianic president that will save the planet Earth and today the highest percentage of color and Latino people support him, in spite of the fact that they are worse off now. But when the crisis erupted, Obama backed off and shamelessly asked the American people to “turn the page” on the banking bailouts”. His action allowed him to kept pumping secret and unauthorized money to their master bankers that financed his party and got him in power. Obama blamed the rich people of the Real Economy that does not own the international banker cartel. He blamed Wall Street but failed to make any distinction between COMMERCIAL BANKERS that support the industries and services of the Real Economy and the FINANCIAL BANKERS that like parasites in ancient Greece make a living from those who work, produce and create real wealth. These parasites speculate and manipulate the market, currencies, and interest rates, and therefore create booms and bust; they work with the media establishment to create rumors, distort the economic indicators, misinform people with phony or dishonest economists. In the final analysis, a parasite by antonomasia does not produce anything but strive when allowed to pilfer from those who produce real wealth.

Today, in the middle of a major crossroad for American people and the rest of the world, the media establishment tell us to vote for Obama i.e. to support the Robin Hood and Karl Marx fables and nonsense. For instance: Are women issues a $9 condom or their education, careers, jobs opportunities, family moving ahead, able to save for rainy days? Are you surprised that financial bankers like George Magnus, senior economic adviser at UBS, author of “Uprising: Will Emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World Economy?” asked on August 28-2011 to give Karl Marx a chance to save the world economy i.e. to destroy the capital earned and created by the real economy and the former plebeians? This is one of the eight offshore banks that are under federal grand jury investigation for facilitating tax evasion using the fabled Swiss bank secrecy. On November 18-2011, the ex-UBS banker Renzo Gadola avoids prison by helping prosecutors to caught tax cheaters. On October 8-2012, former USB banker Bradley Birkenfeld got $104 million rewards from the IRS for blowing the whistle on secret Swiss bank accounts; although he is a convicted felon under parole. These are the same bankers subpoenaed for manipulating the collapse of the Lehman Brothers Holding and Bear Stearns shares where people lost their investments. On September 15-2011 UBS reported $2 billion loss from “unauthorized trading”; similar scams have been reported by the international cartel with tens of billions in losses. On August 2012 it was reported that JPMorgan, UBS, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup among other financial banker are being investigated for manipulating the Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) market. This is a derivative market and considered by far the biggest financial scandal. According to BIS (Bank for International Settlement), that supposes to “regulate” the central banks around the world, said that the derivative market was $1,140 TRILLION in 2011. Be aware this colossal bubble has not burst yet and will trigger the war on terror to a higher gear!

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